Sport Education In The Day-Care Center

Exercise and sport are rightly considered to be indispensable parts of a child’s upbringing. At pre-school age, physical education, gymnastics and sport have the primary goal of giving the child space for the natural zest for life. Thus, it strengthens well-being and motor skills and ensuring healthy development. However, especially in early childhood, the promotion of motor skills has an importance that goes far beyond physical health. It affects the overall development of the child, namely aspects of emotional, mental and social development.

The promotion of physical health and performance has become particularly important in recent years, especially in pre-school facilities.

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Goals of physical activity promotion

In view of the available findings on child development, child-friendly physical education appears to be particularly suitable for the basic skills. It helps strengthen the child’s self-concept, self-esteem, self-regulation and self-efficacy, emotional stability, creativity and self-directed learning. These encourage responsibility and the ability to cooperate.

In principle, improvements can be achieved with measures to promote physical activity, especially with regard to the following aspects:

Health aspects: Setting age-appropriate growth and development stimuli, compensating for lack of exercise.

Motor aspects: Gaining a variety of movement experiences, expanding motor skills and abilities, although fine motor skills such as cutting, sawing, handicrafts, handling writing and painting implements, pens and brushes should not be neglected.

Social aspects: Movement games as a way to promote social behavior, e.g. adapting to a partner, cooperation, respecting rules.

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Motor skills promotion opportunities in kindergarten

Movement and sport are also indispensable in kindergarten. Children must be given sufficient opportunities for physical activity every day. However, it is not the primary task to make the children physically more capable and stronger, more flexible, faster and more enduring. It is the holistic development of the child’s personality through exercise should also be in the foreground in kindergarten stand.

In kindergarten, it may be more necessary for the teacher to encourage play and physical activity in a planned and targeted manner. This way, they can encourage the importance of sports in children’s education.