USA Today Reports on Need of LGBTQ to Increase Representation in School Boards

Based on a USA Today report, the political action group LGBTQ Victory Fund (LVF) aims to increase the number of LGBTQ candidates to run for out of school board. The LVF is devoted to addressing the low representation of LGBTQs in school boards, especially now that there is an increasing number of anti-LGBTQ bills that might make it as state education laws. As it is, the group found out that of the 90,000 individuals sitting as school board members. only 0.1% are identified as LGBTQs.

Although the number of LGBTQ candidates running for school board positions has more than doubled, a greater number is necessary. According to the LVF, around 6,300 more LGBTQ members need to be elected as school board members for purposes of closing the gap. However LVF told USA Today that in order to reach that number, much work is necessary.

First off, they have to address the spread of misinformation. Secondly, recruiting candidates, fundraisers and organisers requires a lot of hard work.

The Need to Increase LGBTQ Representation in School Boards

Currently, there are ongoing intense debates over LGBTQ rights particularly in relation to school administered education. Several American states are debating whether parents should be given the right to control a child’s schooling by pushing for bans against LGBTQ, and the references to related content and environment, including the display of pride flags. The most prominent example is the “don’t say gay” bill in Florida.

The debates also focus on the loosening of protection for queer youths while inside school premises. Other activists and parents want to remove from school libraries, sexually explicit LGBTQ books. They are also pushing for the disqualification of transgender students from participating in school sports.

The report released last Thursday was based on exclusive data provided to USA Today by the LGBTQ Victory Institute.