Cardona Wants School to Remain Open Despite Increasing School Disruptions Caused by Variants

School disruptions are currently on the rise as new COVID-19 variants have prompted schools to go into early holiday breaks, to resume by way of online classes. In addressing the mounting hysteria over omicron variant, Department pf Education Secretary made it clear that schools will stay open.

However, the need to return to virtual learning in some school districts stems not only as a result of the omicron variant, Schools are also facing educator and staff shortages. The CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools, Monica Goldson, stated in her announcement that the conditions in which educators. administrators and staff will perform functions to deliver in-person instruction, must prioritize the health and wellbeing of the entire school community.

She added that the rising infection rates have been causing disruptions in school days as well as anxiety among many school communities; greatly affecting the ability of educators and school staff to perform their respective functions.

Education Secretary Cardona Says Children Need to be in School

In CNN’s interview with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona last Tuesday, he said that they know how to keep student and school staff safe since they’ve had a year’s worth of experience of making safety their No. 1 priority. Mainly because children need to have five days of in person learning. Mr. Cardona also pointed out that unlike before, vaccination is already available for children from ages 5 and older.

As it is, full time in-person learning remain among the majority of schools that remain open. However, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics the vaccination rates for children remain low, which still makes schools vulnerable to risks of infection.